Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting back to work

Two things had discouraged me from blogging. They were:

Versão em português desse artigo: Voltando ao trabalho.

  • Google relocated all the structural design images hosted in Picasa, not preserving its sizes and other properties, what ruined the blog's view;
  • Everyone knows what was done with Megaupload and I lost all the downloadable content.

Since then I had stopped to add new posts.

Well, as I woke up inspired today, I decided to try to fix everything here to see if get animated to start to post again. I needed to fix some image links, upload other ones again and, finally, share all the downloadable content using Google Drive as well as, of course, fix all its links.

I hope I don't have any problems again. Fell free to tell me about any other problem.


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